dogDogs are playful and active creatures that have a habit to play and run all throughout the day. Dogs sometimes scratch themselves due to being unclean or getting dirty and then regular bathing and grooming is helpful. There are other reasons apart from hygiene that causes your dog to have itchy and scratchy skin. Excessive scratching may cause dog hair loss- leading to infection. Therefore, shampoo is designed to medicate your pet. These usually contain natural ingredients like tree oil, sesame oil, and aloe vera. There are spray shampoos that are applied onto the fur of the dog and standard shampoos that simply lather up onto the dog’s coat. You can make your own shampoo at home- it may not be as effective as say Nootie’s medicated dog shampoo (the leading brand) but it will still help your dog.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is deodorizer that helps with itching. It has a high content of foam when mixed with liquid that assists in cleansing the coat and skin thus removing germs that cause an irritation. Oatmeal can be grind into a fine powder. Then mix one part of baking soda, two parts of an oatmeal powder with three parts of water. Then you apply the mixture to your dog and rinse off with cool water.

Lemon Juice and Baking Soda

Lemon juice is efficient and effective in reducing, preventing or removing the recurrence of dandruff. Dandruff normally causes irritation and lemon juice assists in reduction. You just need to create a mixture of lemon juice, baking soda, water and vinegar and ensure they have neutral PH.

Anti- Flea Shampoos

Fleas will cause your dog to itch. You need to mix white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, water, and baby shampoo. These mixtures are very effective in eradicating fleas and ticks from your dog’s coat. In a situation when the skin of the dog is sensitive or dry then you have to add aloe vera gel and glycerin to the mixture. Aloe Vera has soothing characteristics that cool down the skin of the dog and provide relief and reduce tendency of scratching.

Shampoo For Dry Skin

Shampoo that is made for dry skin helps appease the itching. This is achieved by mixing baking soda, corn starch and essential oils such as tea tree oil and lavender. This mixture will provide a dry bath and you should ensure no water is used. Corn starch helps in keeping the mixture in the necessary PH range and maintains the basic level of baking soda.


Maintaining the health and hygiene of your dog is vitally important. Regular cleaning and grooming of your dog should be done. Shampoo is an easy way to make and it saves you money and only requires a few ingredients.