The History of Water Transfer Printing

water transfer printing on a helmetWater transfer printing has become known as hydrographics, but on the streets and in customization, it is called hydro dipping. The technology is so pervasive that it has many other names like fluid imaging and probably the most popular hydrographic printing. This technology has myriad uses across multiple sectors of business and has replaced much of the archaic methods of printing on three dimensional items like clothing, helmets, cell phones and their cases, rims and many other real world practical applications.

All strata can be replicated using this process including techniques that once required a skilled airbrush artist and many man hours like replicating wood grain, camouflage and even certain geometrical shapes on 3rd dimensional products like even parts of motorcycles. That new fashionable paint job may not be a paint job at all because if it can be immersed in water, it can be printed on with hydrographic printing. Additionally, because of the very high price to have these products printed on in old archaic methods, this type of printing process becomes very cost effective comparatively.  Here’s a great company in the bay area that specializes in water transfer printing –

The process uses film that can be dissolved in water, but not completely initially. This films has the design embedded, and it lays on the surface of the water tank of whichever size is appropriate. With the addition of an activator, the film then dissolves away totally leaving the ink which is in the form of the design to be printed on the product, but floating on the surface of the water. The item to be printed upon is then immersed into the water through the ink layer which envelopes the product and affixes itself.

The item is finished with the printing process at this point. However, it must be removed, rinsed cleanly, and in order to protect the design and give it that finished look, a topcoat is applied. This topcoat is an automotive grade topcoat, so it provides the same level of protection as a high end vehicle’s paint jobs and clear coat topcoat provides. Beyond airbrushing, several advances in printing on three dimensional items were invented, but they all had huge drawbacks including the quality of the print itself. Many were nothing more than heated stickers like transfer printing and heat printing methods.

Because of the drawbacks of these old methods of printing, many were not able to be utilized in many industrial applications, but this process is so easy and forgiving along with its major scalability, that the automotive industry employs this technique more than any other industry. They contract much of this business to smaller operations, and this makes hydrographics a great start up business with ready for business customers. The incentive for starting one of these operations is even greater because there are still not as many providers as needed, so the demand hydrographic services will be great across many sectors. Additionally, the technique can be applied to plastic, wood and metals of all kinds. To reverse an issue or a misprint, the image is easily sanded away and reprinted.

The process from beginning to end is approximately four to six weeks after the artwork is produced. This process is much shorter than the alternative older processes by many weeks. The artwork has to be printed in a cylindrical photographic engraving process to produce the film, and this requires the most time in the process. Additionally because all that is left is the ink after the film is dissolved and no base color, the required base coat color must be applied first. This allows certain effects to be reproduced perfectly. Items may already contain the correct base coat color, but other may have to incur an additional painting process. This process would have to have the same quality and integrity as any painted automotive factory piece would have because it is the base coat, and it is apart of the durability of the final product.

Human Pheromones Draw Them Closer

how do pheromones workI want to matter, I want you to think about me when I’m not around, I want to be special. These are the lyrics from a very popular song and it is everything that most people desire in their lives. They want to make an impact, they want to have a magnetism that draws people to them and that makes them hard to forget. People try to achieve this through a multitude of things, things that are typically just external and visual but rarely do they make the impact that they truly want.

One way to get what you want is to learn more about human pheromones. The scientific community have been studying them for a very long time. They’ve been studying them on animals and on humans. It is true that pheromones are much more pronounced in animals than humans. With humans it is far more subtle but it matters so much. The scent that you give off is going to either attract a mate or turn them away. It isn’t simple body odor but things that happened at the genetic and epigenetic level. These are physical things that aren’t really conscious to people until they really think about it. Sometimes people aren’t even going to be able to consciously recognize that the scent of their partner is what attracts them to them.

For people who are single or people who are looking to attract partners, human pheromones are very important. Utilizing them is very important because it can give you a leg up in the dating game. It can make you a little more unique, it can draw people closer to you without you doing anything more than what you’re doing now, sure, it is not magic, it is subtle but it works. It is something that you need to try.

Some people might doubt it, and that is a very good thing, we want challenge because all of those things help us to prove that these things actually work. It is through challenge that we are forced to create a quality product and something that actually works. You can figure out the efficacy of this product via the success that customers have had with it. They would not continue to buy such a thing if it did not work and they would not write glowing testimonies if it did not give them the results that they seek. Let the proof be in the pudding of success.

It is definitely something that you need to try for yourself and see how it works for you. You need to pay attention to your environment and see how people respond to you. You need to use it and notice how people stare at you a little bit longer. Use it and notice how they get closer, linger close to you and never want to leave your side. You can only experience these things if you tried it for yourself and that is the best way to learn anything.

If you want to try high-quality human pheromones, then we are the company you should do business with. Not all companies who sell this product are created the same. Not all samples of human pheromones that you can use are the same quality. Some companies don’t sell a high quality product at all and you will not get good results with what they sell you. We, on the other hand, only focus on high quality human pheromones because we want you to have success, we want you to tell people about us and we want you to have a great time. So, we suggest that you look around the site and find what you want and if you have any questions contact us.

How To Make Homemade Medicated Shampoo For Your Dog

dogDogs are playful and active creatures that have a habit to play and run all throughout the day. Dogs sometimes scratch themselves due to being unclean or getting dirty and then regular bathing and grooming is helpful. There are other reasons apart from hygiene that causes your dog to have itchy and scratchy skin. Excessive scratching may cause dog hair loss- leading to infection. Therefore, shampoo is designed to medicate your pet. These usually contain natural ingredients like tree oil, sesame oil, and aloe vera. There are spray shampoos that are applied onto the fur of the dog and standard shampoos that simply lather up onto the dog’s coat. You can make your own shampoo at home- it may not be as effective as say Nootie’s medicated dog shampoo (the leading brand) but it will still help your dog.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is deodorizer that helps with itching. It has a high content of foam when mixed with liquid that assists in cleansing the coat and skin thus removing germs that cause an irritation. Oatmeal can be grind into a fine powder. Then mix one part of baking soda, two parts of an oatmeal powder with three parts of water. Then you apply the mixture to your dog and rinse off with cool water.

Lemon Juice and Baking Soda

Lemon juice is efficient and effective in reducing, preventing or removing the recurrence of dandruff. Dandruff normally causes irritation and lemon juice assists in reduction. You just need to create a mixture of lemon juice, baking soda, water and vinegar and ensure they have neutral PH.

Anti- Flea Shampoos

Fleas will cause your dog to itch. You need to mix white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, water, and baby shampoo. These mixtures are very effective in eradicating fleas and ticks from your dog’s coat. In a situation when the skin of the dog is sensitive or dry then you have to add aloe vera gel and glycerin to the mixture. Aloe Vera has soothing characteristics that cool down the skin of the dog and provide relief and reduce tendency of scratching.

Shampoo For Dry Skin

Shampoo that is made for dry skin helps appease the itching. This is achieved by mixing baking soda, corn starch and essential oils such as tea tree oil and lavender. This mixture will provide a dry bath and you should ensure no water is used. Corn starch helps in keeping the mixture in the necessary PH range and maintains the basic level of baking soda.


Maintaining the health and hygiene of your dog is vitally important. Regular cleaning and grooming of your dog should be done. Shampoo is an easy way to make and it saves you money and only requires a few ingredients.

Choosing A Reliable Home Security System

alarm systemFor most home owners, security has always been their top concern and priority. Home owners would always want to ensure that their family members live in a safe environment. They would also want to ensure that their hard earned property and other valuables are well guarded from theft. It is therefore important as a home owner, you are able to find and install the right home security systems that will function well with all your security needs.

Now, finding the right home security systems to install in your house or security company can be difficult. There are numerous security companies and they will all tell you just about anything for you to hire them. Below are some guiding tips to help you in deciding the ideal home security systems that will meet the security needs and functionality of your house;

Cellular Services

This basically means that your home security systems should be able to have a cellular connection between the sensors and the controlling panel. There should also be another cellular connection that should link your control panel and the monitoring centre of the security company. This is important as it will enable the security company to alert law enforcers in the event that the sensors are triggered. In the end this will allow the police or firefighters to respond in time and prevent further damage.

Affordable Price

It is important that you are able to get what you pay for. Some security companies are not clear about their fee charges on their websites. As soon as you hire them and they start installation, then they will begin to charge you extra. You should be cautious to avoid such hidden costs by asking first before entering into any contractual agreement with any company.

Customer Service

You should be able to get excellent customer services from the security company that installed the security systems in your house. At times, the sensors might be triggered accidentally or you may require some assistance from the company. It is important that they have responsive agents who are experienced and know how well to assist you.


The home security systems you intend to acquire should be able to have reasonable warranty that will be value for your money. However it is important that you carefully read fill all details that is required for eligibility.

Security of the System Itself

As much as you want to improve the security of your home, it is important to know that some of the security systems can easily be hacked and used to spy on you and your family. The system should have strong firewall that will not allow an intruder to deactivate sensors and break in. Most of the alarm systems when purchased usually have default password. It is important that you change it with another password and again keep changing after some time.

The bottom line is that there are several home security solutions available in the market and you should be able to choose the one that will be reliable and convenient to your house.